So I’m a HUGE fan of the paranormal, unsolved mysteries, true crime stories, etc. I’ve recently been watching YouTube videos on the channel Watcher; the main “cast” is made up by Ryan Bergara, Steven Lim, and Shane Madej.

Side note: The three were all previously employed by Buzzfeed, but the company(?) let go many of their employees this past year, a lot of really well known faces and voices started their own YouTube channels this year [thankfully] such as the Drawfee channel, Watcher, The Try Guys, so on and so forth.

Anywho, I’ve been SUPER into watching their series Are You Scared?. It’s a series based on submitted stories online and they’re narrated by Ryan Bergara. His narration is absolute killer! He puts you in suspense and anticipation throughout the stories he reads.

In the series you get immersed even further due to the off putting [but very well drawn] art to go along with the story! And as an artist myself, I just super appreciate the time and effort that went into creating that kind of content! It’s thrilling and I definitely have something to look forward to every Friday at 1 PM [EST] but 10PM [PST]. If you’re into spooky stuff I totally recommend taking a gander! Especially since it’s October!

I’ll make it easy for you:

First episode of Are You Scared?

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