Year Round Spooks

It’s October! I probably should have made this before the Watcher post >>

Anyway! I have a short list of YouTube channels I watch year round! Cause I really just love seeing creepy things that I can’t fully explain, even when it looks completely fake I just love it! Here’s my list!

  • Nukes Top 5
    • Collection of videos from everywhere paired with excellent quote-worthy narration.
  • KingFrostmare
    • Another collection of videos with awesome narration.
  • Wansee Entertainment
    • Animated scary stories!
  • Sir Spooks
    • Collection of videos with amazing narration as well.
  • Steven D
    • Animated scary stories! Along with great narration.
  • Watcher
    • Unsolved mysteries/crimes and paranormal talk/investigations/stories with beloved pair Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej.

I highly recommend any of these youtubers if you want a good creepy vibe! Any time of the year ^^

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