Tiny PP Energy

I have been playing Overwatch A LOT lately with friends and holy moly the aggressive gameplay and the salty chat is something that gets my heart RACING.

It’s so fun and invigorating. Even though I’m not very good, I definitely get carried a lot. BUT it’s still super fun and I get some great “Play of the Games” here and there.

If you don’t pay attention to the chat or the voice chat too much then it’s really just a great time among friends or just a fun solo game. But there’s a lot of sweaty players who just want to feel like top dog or have SUCH big dick energy when they lose OR win.

Most of the time it’s infuriating to get an “ez” in chat after you lose a game, but sometimes… it’s hilarious.

The other day we had a player on the other team say “ez” after they won and another player on their team followed up with “how tiny of a pp must you have to say ez in qp(qp = quickplay). It was a wonderful moment and the previous player immediately apologized! Made the moment even sweeter and funnier.

Anyway, a lot of my time has just been in this game lately, and I recently just got the new Ashe skin with Tiger Bob! I LOVE tigers so I’m pumped to show off the skin!

If you are also an avid player of Overwatch, remember, it’s a game, if you don’t play professionally or competetively, then please just be nice in chat and to others you play with, everyone just wants to have a good time. Although if you are doing it professionally or competetively, there’s really no reason to make the other players feel bad.

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