I LOVE food, that being said, I am SUPER lazy and I rarely cook. But this week, I’ve been trying to be better about not ordering take out and actually being in my kitchen to cook.

These last few days I’ve enjoyed eating kimchi soup! I actually made kimchi soup! I was super excited, and it’s been a wonderful tasty week (since I made a HUGE pot of it). I had to make due with bacon instead of pork belly since I didn’t have any 😦 but it didn’t make it taste too terrible. The bacon made the overall taste of the soup a bit strange, but it didn’t take away from the intense kimchi taste!

I also finally have some salad making ingredients and have been thoroughly enjoying a good salad, I’m going to make a bunch of hard boiled eggs for the next week to put in my salads as well, it’s gonna be tasty!

I am trying to open up my world a bit more and more importantly save money by learning more recipes and just cook amazing stuff for myself!

Wish me luck!

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