I have a dog. Her name is Momo (for all you ATLA fans out there) and I have a cat… his name is Ham after Hamtaro!

Momo has been with me for about 6-7 years now! She’s a good baby with a severe underbite which makes her look like she’s smiling ALL the time. She has a mind of her own when it comes to listening to me, she hates cuddling for too long and she loves carrots as well as ice cubes.

Ham has been with me for about a year and a half now! He’s a pretty boy with bright green eyes. He’s wiley and hates being held for too long but always purrs when you hold him close. He’s always trying to open cabinets and drawers and loves to eat plastic…

Pets are wonderful and they are full of such big personalities. I hope everyone who has a pet, realize they really are apart of the family and that they rely on you for everything, so don’t forget about them while you’re on your phone, playing games, and out on the town.

Good luck! And I love all your pets even if I’ve never met them.

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