Ghosts, Spirits & Demons, Oh My!

Do you guys believe in paranormal stuff? Do you believe in ghosts, spirits and or demons? Do you believe there’s an afterlife or does everyone just have one life and that’s it?

I’ve always kind of been on the fence, but I’ve never really experienced anything either. All I have are videos on the internet that may or may not be fake and are blurry as shit…

Well there was this one time when I was like three years old or something and I was at my babysitter’s apartment with this other kid. I may be remembering it wrong or differently or it could’ve been my imagination in hyper drive because we were in the middle of an earthquake at the time… BUT our babysitter rushed us into her bathroom with no windows and she had a candle going on in there. When we got inside the room I SWEAR we saw a shadow on the wall in the bathtub, of something with horns and a pointed tail. I SWEAR it shushed us before it vanished. I remember looking at the other kid and was like “you saw that right?” and he nodded furiously… BUT like I said it was a LONG time ago and I was a kid during an earthquake! So take it as you will!

Anyway, I bring this up because I will be moving into a house that was built in 1904! This house is older than me! It’s like.. 117 years old! I’m just worried that there’s gonna be some ghost there while I’m just trying to live my life man…

If you’ve got any spooky/scary/murder mystery stories comment below and tell me! I LOVE learning and listening about them. I NEVER want to experience them but I love hearing all about it.

Anyway, wish me luck!

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