GUYS, I’ve always wanted to be that person who just picked up stray dogs/cats on the road so that I could help them and make sure they don’t get hurt. WELP TODAY WAS THAT DAY.

I was driving back home from picking up some food, all was well. AND THEN I saw two dogs just running along the street! It was a back street that A LOT of cars took to avoid stop lights. I started driving slowly, trying to look around to see if there was someone who was running after them or with them at all and nobody was there. And then one of them just started trotting TOWARDS my car!!! So I stopped.

One was a really charming german shephard and the other one was a border collie. They had collars but no tags! UGH so now I couldn’t call the owners and resolve this as quickly as I wanted… I had drinks and food in the car and now two semi-big dogs in my car ..I was sweating.

Thank god though the dogs were super sweet and pretty well mannered. . . But I was a dumbass and rushed them into my apartment without putting my cat away first. I was worried about keeping the dogs in the car… And I wasn’t sure if my partner would answer my phone call………. SO my cat went berzerk and ran all over the place terrified. Poor baby 😥

I caught him eventually and put him up in his 3-tier cage. But he scratched and bit my hands to hell. They hurt as I write this… Anyway, the dogs were here and everything was fine… my dog LOVED it and loved having new friends over.

The local animal shelter took them though and are currently trying to find the owners. Apparently the border collie looked familiar? So frequent escapee or ..the owner is neglegent. I sincerely hope that’s not the case. I hope the dogs are back home safe. They were super sweet. TAKE CARE OF YOUR PETS DAMMIT.

Anyway my hands hurt..

Wish me luck!

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