Do you guys even KNOW how amazing Queen Latifah is?! UGH I didn’t even realize. I’m not a crazy dedicated fan like I don’t know her birthday, her favorite food, or color or anything like that. She’s just the main actress/character in my favorite movie The Last Holiday.

It’s a silly movie, the general synopsis is that Georgia Byrd (Queen Latifah) is a very quiet, timid lady who gets diagnosed with lampington’s disease and has three weeks to live. She sells her bonds and books it to her dream hotel and does anything and everything that she was missing out on! People notice her and are admiring her, they think she’s this amazing self-made woman who was financially successful. She’s super honest with everyone who are so self-absorbed and are wondering why she’s so damn inspiring.

Anyways… if you haven’t seen it and you just want to feel good and get motivated to live your life the way YOU want to live your life, I would give it a watch. Side note: LL Cool J is the romantic interest of the movie! If that does anything for you! 🙂

So I just got done watching the movie (again) and it always makes me so happy and emotional when Sean (LL Cool J) ***SPOILER*** …………………………….confesses to Georgia (Q.L.) and says “Georgia, I have feelings for you. Georgia, I wanna be with you, whether it’s for five minutes on this ledge, or fifty years.” And later when Georgia asks if he still feels the same after learning something (you’ll have to watch it to know what!) he says, “five minutes, fifty years, a hundred years, my whole life.” It just makes my heart swell ❤ ……………………….***SPOILER OVER***

So anyhow, today was the first time that I thought about who Queen Latifah was actually married to, because man I HOPE she’s just happy cause she makes my soul happy. She is seriously an absolute QUEEN and I admire her and her vibe so much. AND GET THIS she’s married to one Eboni Nichols!!!!! She’s married to a lady! And like that’s not the key point like it doesn’t matter but my admiration just INCREASED when I found out! LIKE DAMN she is living her best life and they look MAGNIFICENT.

Look at them!

Like WHY are they SO PRECIOUS?! UGH Queen Latifah and Eboni Nichols are goals

Okay stanning over, wish me luck as I calm down and stop comparing my life to the movie and the Queen’s actual life… TToTT

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