Sleeping is Hard

Don’t get me wrong, sleeping is AMAZING and I used to nap my days away, mainly because of depression but also because I had/have the most interesting dreams when I took/take a nap. Usually space travel related and running away from authority or being a badass secret agent or something (don’t you dare judge me).

BUT I’ve suffered from insomnia for my whole life. I didn’t realize it until recently though, because I thought insomnia was mainly when you literally just cannot sleep every night your whole life. Since that didn’t apply to me I would think “oh well I guess it’s not that bad so I don’t have insomnia”. But I realized that I do have insomnia just not severe insomnia.

Some days are just really bad, I will just lay in bed, I’ll have a song stuck in my head and that’s the first sign that it was going to be a long night. Then I start thinking about all the mistakes I’ve ever made *insert strained groan here* and give up on sleeping for the night.

Other days, for some reason, my body will just force me to wake up after a few hours like three or four and REFUSE to let me go back to sleep. Today is one of those days. Unfortunately, when this kind of insomnia strikes it lasts for a few days to a week

So I’ve been up for a couple hours now after sleeping for like three hours. I’m hoping I can go back to bed and get a few more hours in…

Wish me luck!

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