GUYS I BOUGHT A HOUSE. I’m moving this weekend!!! We closed on it this past week and the keys are ready to be picked up and if it weren’t for it being an hour away I would pick them up right now. The most amazing thing other than how nice the place is, is that the mortgage is going to be super close if not the same as how much I’m paying in rent right now.

This place has like five bedrooms and two bathrooms! (My partner and I will never have to fight for the toilet anymore!!!) It has a decent sized backyard for my dog ❤ and the KITCHEN UGHHHH GUYS THE KITCHEN!!! The COUNTER SPACE!!!! There are even really nice underlights under the cabinets! I’m extremely excited to be making this step and finding such an amazing house near one of my best friends since middle school is such a nice perk as well.

I had been house hunting for almost two years with no luck, even during the pandemic SO many people were out buying houses (I guess I’m one to talk) so I could never get the houses I fell in love with until this house! It’s in a small town and the community is really nice. I would visit from time to time before since my friend and her family lived there. They have community based events and it seems like such a nice area. I am hoping that it stays like that as I start moving in and get adjusted there. .

Part of me is concerned because the area IS predominantly white and what with all the recent events with increased attacks and assaults on Asians … it just has me nervous..

These recent events and the #STOPASIANHATE hashtag brings me back to when I was opening up to an ex-friend about how nervous I was during the start of the pandemic since there were lots of people just blaming Chinese people for the virus but since nobody can tell the difference in person they were just blaming all Asians for the virus… And she retorted that I was being irrational and blowing it out of preportion

It took me a long time to realize she was really toxic for me…

Anyway sorry I’ve started to rant and I just wanted to be excited and share my happiness about finally getting my first house!!! Anxiety and depression do some funky things to your thought process.

Wish me luck~!

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