If you HAVEN’T seen this anime, you absolutely should give it a good try. It gets you PUMPED. The opening is a BOP. The series just gets you so hyped and invested in the characters! It’s also just so … good at making you remember that everyone in the anime is not a bad person, rather they are so passionate about what they’re doing and they want to win, they don’t take it easy on anybody just because they’re friends. They love the sport and they want to be the best.

They have such dedication and love for their teammates and for the sport. It makes me sad that I never tried to be more involved in a sport in school! I just thought that being so serious and affected by sports were ridiculous since it was just a game so I never bothered. Now I just have such a deep appreciation for the players in the anime and in real life (of course) for their dedication and how serious they take what they are doing. The comradery and memory making between teammates is something I am envious of when I watch Haikyu.

If you play a sport now in school or anywhere, anyhow, then I applaud you and please always take pride in what you’re doing as well as appreciate the memories you make with your teammates! ❤

Anyway f you want motivation and just a good time then watch the series, you will not regret it. I’m off to watch some now and get motivated to pack my life up to move! (Read previous post to know what I’m talking about!)

Wish me luck!

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