New Home!!!

I am ecstatic to be in my new house! I came early with the fur babies so that they won’t be anxious and in the way while all the moving is happening. But that meant spending a couple nights alone in a big empty house 🥺.

Thankfully my cat is acclimating super well in the new environment I think he’s just happy to be able to run around even more now in such a big space! My dog on the other hand is always such a nervous wreck. On the first night she was panting and following me absolutely everywhere. She started kind of exploring once I plopped down on the floor and just laid down for a bit.

Second night, Ham the cat got to spend most of the day by himself as I went to a friend’s to use their internet to work! He was absolutely chill when I got home so I’m assuming he loved the time to explore. Momo the dog had to come with me otherwise she would have had a whole fit.

Anyway I’ll edit this a bit when I can and have wifi set up! This is on my phone for now!

Wish me luck!

(Edit: I edited it!)

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