How have I lived my life thus far without watching Jujutsu Kaisen?! IT IS AMAZING. It is so serious but also so freaking hilarious, how?! It will be in the middle of such a serious moment and then the next moment I’m belting out laughing!

You are seriously missing out if you do not watch this. I know that there is probably loads of people who say the same thing but like damn! It’s so funny and so interesting. The animation is also oh so freaking amazing.

The basic storyline follows Itadori Yuji, a high schooler who athletically excells at absolutely everything (of course) who likes to just be with friends and hang out. He finds himself in a difficult situation though and has to make a difficult choice that leads to the meat of the anime. He meets many new friends as he learns how to live this new life of his.

I cannot wait for more, I will be anxiously waiting for season two as well as the movie coming out this winter!!!

Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “HOW

      1. I read all my manga on Mangaman on my Iphone or MangaZone on my tablet. And yeah I know the feeling lol. Only reason I didn’t feel that way is because I immediately picked Black Clover back up after I finished binging.

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      2. Ah yeah I was looking at that because I binged that but not sure what episode I left it on.. so I’ll have to binge it all over again 🤷 ah I need to look into updates with demon slayer as well

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