Hypocrisy , hypocrisy everywhere

Racism has been around for forever. And EVERYBODY is racist. Everyone bases their opinion either strongly or loosely on stereotypes whether they like it or not. And if you say you don’t you’re a liar or congratulations you are growing and you try not to anymore. Key word try.

Since I’ve been facing racism all my life, I do the whole defense tactic of “laugh at yourself before they can” because being bullied most of your life does that to you. I laugh at how I always have rice around, of course I have soy sauce around, of course I’m good at math and video games, because I’m Asian. . .

When I should be looking at it as “I love my Korean heritage so I always try to have Korean ingredients handy for when I want Korean cuisine“, or, “I’m not very good at math because I never cared about it and I’m mediocre at video games at best because I didn’t grow up with them.” And I wish I wouldn’t be ashamed for saying the last bit. . .

But you know it’s ridiculous because SO MANY Asian people are super fucking racist as well. Mostly towards Black people and I just find it so funny because there are cases where Black people hate Asian people and it’s like… what? Why? We’re going through similar experiences? Asian people were also enslaved and treated terribly, some were put in encampments as well.

That being said, I know Black people have it harder. I’m NOT saying we are living the same lives. I don’t have to be worried about dying while walking down the street or driving my car. I just have to be worried about being harrassed because I have squinty eyes and I may or may not eat dogs (I don’t), or I somehow caused the whole pandemic. For some reason Asian people were deemed “model citizens” (probably because we are close enough to having white skin) while Black people were further ostracized into ghettos and deemed bad people in general.. like what I just don’t understand!

On that previous note… we do now have something to worry about while walking or driving or shopping.. Or just standing there. Asian people are dying left and right or being threatened more and more now as the pandemic is being eradicated. People who blame all of the squinty eyed, black haired, flat faced people for the pandemic are going out and passing their own judgment by killing us… I’m scared to leave the house.

Everyone is.. a person, a human being. But everybody just sees color. . . It’s depressing. . . and scary.

Wish me luck. Wish everyone luck out there.

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