Drawn by Jinimations

Hello! Hi!

This is a more lengthy explanation about who I am and what I’m all about if the homepage didn’t answer all your questions already.

I am Korean-American, raised with all the culture but choosing what traditions make up my identity. Such as: being more relaxed about school; choosing to be an artist instead of a nurse or doctor; and choosing to be close to my family by choice and not by obligation.

I have the hots for all genders men, women, and everyone in between. I don’t care what parts you got, if you treat me right and make me feel loved then that’s enough for me.

I absolutely LOVE good food! It’s euphoric when my taste buds get a hold of absolutely delicious food. Like a close my eyes and moan kind of euphoric. Like a Remy the Rat (from Ratatouille) seeing glowing ingredients around him, euphoric.